Event Planning Survey Questions

Sample event planning survey questions for event attendees prior to event; likelihood to attend and topics of interest; a free template easy to use with your survey tool.

Note: This example is meant as a starting point that you can then customize to your situation. The questions are not exactly as a respondent would see them; they are instead formatted in such a way that they can easily be copied and pasted into an online survey tool (such as SurveyMonkey), so please feel free to do so!

[Text in brackets are your instructions for setting up the survey and should not appear in the survey]

1. Have you ever attended [insert event name] before?
Don't recall

2. How likely are you to attend the upcoming [insert event name]?
Definitely will [skip to Q4]
Probably will [skip to Q4]
May or may not [skip to Q4]
Probably will not
Definitely will not

3. Why are you unlikely to attend [insert event name]? (Please select all that apply)
Lack of time
Lack of money
Lack of interest (please explain: [Text Box])
Poor experience in past (please explain: [Text Box])
Other (please specify: [Text Box])

[Skip to end of survey]

4. If you were to attend [insert even name], what would be your top 3 objectives or reasons for attending? (Please select up to 3)
[List objectives or reasons for attending event here; include Other (specify)]

5. Listed below are possible activities or topics at the next [insert event name]. Please select the 3 in which you are most interested. (Please select up to 3)
[List activities or topics here]

6. What other activities or topics would you like to see at [insert event name]? (Please list up to 3)
1. [Text Box]
2. [Text Box]
3. [Text Box]

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