Customer Satisfaction Survey Questions

Sample customer satisfaction survey questions for learning customer satisfaction with all aspects of the experience; a free template easy to use with your survey tool.

Note: This example is meant as a starting point that you can then customize to your situation. The questions are not exactly as a respondent would see them; they are instead formatted in such a way that they can easily be copied and pasted into an online survey tool (such as SurveyMonkey), so please feel free to do so!

[Text in brackets are your instructions for setting up the survey and should not appear in the survey]

1. How long have you been a [insert company name] customer?
Less than 1 year
1 to less than 3 years
3 to less than 5 years
5 or more years

2. How would you rate your overall experience as a [insert company name] customer?
[Display Choices Horizontally]
1 – Very Poor [Far Left]
7 – Outstanding [Far Right]

3a. To what extent is each of the following a strength or weakness of [insert company name] when considering how it affects your overall customer experience?
[Matrix Question, One Answer per Row]

[Column Choices, Rating Scale]
1 – A Significant Weakness [Far Left]
4 – Neither a Strength nor Weakness
7 – A Significant Strength [Far Right]

[Row Choices, Randomize Order]
Product quality
Ease of use
Customer service
Customer support
Value for the price

[Ask if Customer Service or Customer Support is rated 1-3 above]
3b. You indicated that [customer service/customer support] is a weakness. What parts of [customer service/customer support] are a weakness? (Select all that apply)
Representative's ability to understand the issue or question
Representative's ability to provide the answer or solution
Representative's ability to speak in a clear and understandable manner
Representative's professionalism
Representative's friendliness
Wait time before reaching a representative
Hours of availability

4. Please comment on each of the following aspects of your experience as a [insert company name] customer. (You may leave the space blank if you have no comment)
Product quality/reliability: [Text Box]
Features: [Text Box]
Ease of use: [Text Box]
Selection: [Text Box]
Customer service: [Text Box]
Customer support: [Text Box]
Value for the price: [Text Box]
Other: [Text Box]

6. How likely are you to recommend [insert company name] to someone else?
[Display Choices Horizontally]
1 – Not at all likely [Far Left]
7 – Very likely [Far Right]

7. How likely are you to still be a customer of [insert company name] one year from now?
Definitely will [Ask Q8]
Probably will [Ask Q8]
May or may not [Ask Q9]
Probably will not [Ask Q9]
Definitely will not [Ask Q9]

8. What would you say to someone else who was considering being a customer of [insert company name] to persuade them to do so?

[Large Text Box]

9. Please indicate the potential effect of each of the following on your likelihood to remain a customer of [insert company name].
[Matrix Question, One Answer per Row]

[Column Choices, Rating Scale]
Not at all more likely to remain a customer [Far Left]
Somewhat more likely to remain a customer
Much more likely to remain a customer [Far Right]

[Row Choices, Randomize Order]
Better product quality/reliability
Better features
Easier to use
Better selection
Better customer service
Better customer support
Better value for the price

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