Survey Questions Examples

Examples of survey questions for 14 different types of surveys; free sample questions formatted to be easy to use with your survey tool.

Because every organization’s needs are unique, it’s possible these sample survey questions will not perfectly fit your specifications. These examples are meant as a starting point that you can then customize to your situation. They’re formatted in such a way that they can easily be copied and pasted into an online survey tool (such as SurveyMonkey), so please feel free to do so!

Customer Satisfaction Survey Questions
Learn how customers evaluate their overall experience and various aspects of the experience. Includes customer likelihood to recommend and customer loyalty.

Customer Service Survey Questions
Gather customer feedback on their experience during a recent customer service encounter. Covers all aspects of the experience.

Brand Survey Questions
Explore all facets of the brand experience (awareness, familiarity, perceptions, loyalty, and advocacy).

Employee & Job Satisfaction Survey Questions
Get employee feedback on satisfaction overall and with aspects of job. Includes employee likelihood to remain at job.

IT Survey Questions
Obtain feedback from employees on a recent encounter with IT support. Covers all aspects of the experience.

Event Planning Survey Questions
Survey possible attendees before an event. Asks their likelihood to attend and what topics or activities are of interest.

Post Event Survey Questions
Learn event attendee impressions of an event and their likelihood to attend another.

Training Survey Questions
Get trainee reaction to a training course and its instructor.

Website Survey Questions
Learn who website visitors are, why they are visiting, and how successful they are.

Social Media Survey Questions
Understand usage of social media for business and personal purposes.

School or College Student Course Evaluation Survey Questions
Solicit student opinions on a course’s content and teacher.

Teacher Survey Questions
Collect teacher feedback on their experience during a recently completed term.

Political Survey Questions
Poll citizens on their viewpoints about government actions and political issues.

Demographic Survey Questions
Find out characteristics of your respondents. Includes questions about personal traits (e.g., gender, age, marital status, etc.) and about their company (e.g., number of employees, industry, revenue, etc.)

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