How We Will Help Your Survey

The following is a list of the specific actions we will take, if necessary, to optimize your survey.

Before working on your survey, we will...

  • Gain a thorough understanding of your objectives
  • Help you clarify your objectives

If we are working on/editing your existing survey, we will...

  • Add questions
  • Remove questions
  • Order questions logically
  • Group questions by page logically
  • Add or fix branching and skip patterns
  • Make sure the right question type is used (open-ended, close-ended, rating, ranking, etc.)
  • Make sure the right rating scale is used
  • Make sure the right answer choices are used
  • Make sure answer choices are randomized where necessary
  • Make sure answer choices such as None of the Above, Neutral, and Don't Know are used where necessary
  • Fix jargon and other language that might not be familiar
  • Fix questions that are biased
  • Clarify vague terms and concepts
  • Fix questions that might be too difficult to answer
  • Shorten unnecessarily long or wordy questions
  • Fix typos, grammar, and spelling
  • And more!

If we are building you a survey from scratch, all of the above will be taken care of by us as a matter of course.

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