About Us

We are a small team of survey research professionals in the U.S. who together have written hundreds of high-quality surveys. We love being an important link between organizations and the people they serve. Helping organizations like yours better understand and meet the needs of their target audience is extremely rewarding to us.

We formed Survey Question Experts as a result of the trend toward increased usage of self-service online survey applications (like SurveyMonkey). These DIY tools have undoubtedly benefitted many organizations by making it easier and cheaper for them to conduct their own surveys. But we observed that some people were struggling or making errors when writing their surveys, the most pivotal step of the entire research process. A well-written survey will not only maximize your likelihood of getting the information you need, but will also have the ripple effect of making it much easier for you to accomplish the subsequent steps of analyzing results and taking action. Seeing an opportunity to apply our strengths and skills where they would be of great value, we developed a unique and affordable specialty service dedicated entirely to helping people like you write successful surveys.

Each of us has over 15 years of survey-design experience; collectively our background in marketing and social science research spans a broad range of fields and industries, including technology, media, advertising, manufacturing, healthcare, and public policy. Our previous employment has been in both for-profit and non-profit arenas and has comprised all stages of a research study: methodology, survey development, focus groups, data collection, data processing, analyses, and presentation. We are thus well familiar with the entire research process and will always have your "big picture" in mind when working with you to develop your survey.  You have our promise that only our seasoned team will be working on your survey.

You've already committed to doing a survey to help drive a decision or take action. Allow us to be a part of your team and make certain that your survey will do the job you want it to do.

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